Membership Benefits

As a member of ISEA you have automatic support from an organisation that has vast experience in education. We are not only your advocates but also we provide advice and information.

AT sites where we have negotiated a collective agreement we bargain for all members.

We provide training for your representatives and we lobby organisations such as the Teachers Council, Ministry of Education and parliament on behalf of our members.

ISEA Member Advantage Program

Everyone appreciates the opportunity to make their money go a little further. So we’ve harnessed the collective buying power of our members to negotiate some great deals for you.

Your membership includes access to valuable offers through the Member Advantage Benefits Program.

How do I access my benefits?

Use your ISEA membership number as your password to view detailed information about each of the benefits available by visiting our member benefits site.

We have an exciting new Member Benefit! – Specsavers Premium Club (not yet linked from our main benefits page). All ISEA members can now access great offers and benefits though the Specsavers Premium Club. Follow the link to register and download a personalised voucher for the deal advertised below!