What we do

•    ISEA provides advice on employment issues and entitlements to members.

•    Support and advocate on behalf of members with employers including members who have employment issues and/or personal grievances.

•    Bargain collectively on behalf of members (where we have successfully negotiated a Collective Agreement).

•    Recruit actively and support members’ recruitment activity to increase the strength of the ISEA for members.

•    Organise and train your school representatives.

•    Lobby organisations such as Teachers Council, Ministry of Education, and Parliament on behalf of members.

•    Negotiate benefits on behalf of members in partnership with NZEI and PPTA, existing benefits include:

     HealthcarePlus Insurance (formerly EBS Healthcare), NZEI Holiday homes, AIL insurance, preferential mortgage              rates, discounts at Specsavers, Card-Plus fuel card and other discounts.

•    Communicate with members via newsletters, our website and through school visits from our staff.

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